Young Lualua shows at Expocific, Brisbane

Guest blog: Young Lualua – studied at NZ Fashion Tech 2014-2016
Young has recently shown his collection at Expocific Fashion Show, Brisbane and he talks to us about the experience…
I first heard about Expocific Fashion Show, Brisbane back when I was holidaying in Brisbane in Dec 2016. I got tagged into a post calling out for all designers from New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji and Pacific-wide. I gazed upon the opportunity because it was to showcase myself as an emerging designer and thought it would be an opportunity to open the minds of my pacific people and have them see fashion in a different light. I was accepted out of the 10 that applied and 5 showed at the Expocific Fashion Show. I had 3 garments already made and ready but decided to add more to the existing mini collection I had showcased for the NZFT Diploma Showcase 2016.
The process brought nerves and an eagerness to me because if this all went through and happened then it would be the first time my pacific people see fashion on another level but also the first time my parents, siblings, aunties & uncles see my collection or the work I love to do, live in front of them.

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My inspiration was drawn from a simple dessert of Ambrosia. The colours that mix together with yogurt and strawberries and berries hit a nerve in me and stood out. Amazingly I used the colours of burgundy and off white because these are the trending forecast colours of 2017 as well.

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Adding 5 pieces to an existing mini collection was a challenge for me, 5 sounds simple but the work to pattern, cut and sew was all too much for me and at this point, I only had 2 weeks till the show and only 3 garments ready to show. I arrived in Brisbane and went fabric shopping, and within the week of Expocific Brisbane 2017 created 5 looks within 4 days! It took a lot of dedication, determination, lost hours of sleep but I wasn’t alone on the journey. I had major help from a cousin of mine who is an established fashion designer in Australia and who produces children’s wear. She came over to lend some support and help to help finish little things I had left to do.



While working on my collection I also picked up the role of Fashion Coordinator for Expocific. I was in charge of model casting, mua & hs team, video editing, visual team and schedules and layout and set up of the runway for the day, so I had a busy schedule! The feelings I get when I’m doing all these things are amazing, I love the work I do, the passion to capture a sense of surprise in people’s eyes and to work as a fashion coordinator is a dream vision for myself and as a designer.
Showing my collection at Expocific gave me confidence in myself, confidence in my work and also gave my exposure to not only the Pacific Islander community in Brisbane but also in Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand and so I have the exciting pressure and amazing opportunities that are coming up in the months ahead for myself as a designer and my brand.




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