India #2

The journey continues. Over the last few weeks our 15 students in India have seen manufacturing, production and dying along with cultural tours and visits.
Youhan Khosho writes blog #2:
It has been one month since we came to India and our stay has been the most amazing experience ever. The people and Bannari Amman Institute of Technology have definitely treated us like royalty since we arrived and we appreciate everything that they have done and continue doing for us.0161c2f825fd2c763333f13ef4da828fed2d3af975
These past few weeks we have had many outings to visit garment and fabric manufacturing units. These trips have been mind blowing, allowing an insight to how the fabrics are constructed, treated, dyed and seeing how a garment manufacturing unit works from a plain fabric to the hundreds and thousands of garments that are made in a single day!
On the beginning of week 4 we went to another part of Tamil Nadu, a city hidden on the very top of these beautiful mountains called Udhagamandalam also know as Ooty. We started the day off with a crazy, long bus ride up into the mountain ranges. It was probably one of the scariest bus rides we have been on and were on the edge of our seats the whole time. Once we arrived we noticed a huge climate change from being in the main city we have stayed in. The air was a lot cooler up there and reminded us all of the weather back home, this was probably the first time we didn’t feel hot and sweaty since coming to India.
In Ooty we visited three places, the first being the High Field Tea factory. This was such a beautiful place getting to see where all the tea leaves grow, how the tea is produced and trying all the different teas that are made at the factory.
Second being the amazing Botanical Gardens, which we had a little look around in.

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And last going to the river in Ooty where we had a boat ride around the lake, which was really fun and exciting.
During this week we have had some really enjoyable workshops with some amazingly talented ladies teaching us traditional arts and crafts of India. We learnt many crafty things such as hand embroidery, terracotta jewellery making, glass painting, coffee painting, plaster of paris and silk thread jewellery making. These classes were one of the highlights of the trip for me, I have learnt so much and enjoyed every session we have had with these talented people.

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One very exciting trip we have had was visiting this small village where we all got to select our saris to remake our Resene garments. This decision was a hard one to make since we didn’t get to choose last time and also because of how many beautiful saris we saw, it was all really overwhelming but so exciting at the same time.
We have less than two weeks left in India and are all super excited for whats left. It has been such an amazing experience and have loved every moment of being here.




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