NZ Fashion Week 2017

Guest blog by Jerome Taylor and Jordan Noah

Fashion Week 2017 – Jerome Taylor – Not for You clothing

This was my second year showcasing in New Zealand Fashion Week and I loved it just as much as the first time if not more.
From the day I knew I was showcasing right up until the day of the show it was chaos but chaos of the best kind. I wanted to create a collection with meaning and depth, not only was I able to achieve this in the garments themselves but I aslo showcased this with the overall number of pieces which was over 50 in total.

New Zeland fashion week is an amazing event for already established and up and coming New Zealand designers, it is the perfect platform to showcase brands and also build relationships within the fashion industry.

My collection was so well received and I have had nothing but amazing feedback. I was also lucky enough to be apart of the trade show which allowed me to have one on one time with potential buyers and also my peers in the industry. Following on from this I have secured buyers overseas and interest from stockists within New Zealand.
I believe that showcasing in NZFW is an amazing opportunity for all up and coming designers as this is New Zealand’s biggest fashion event. I cannot imagine my brand getting to where it is today without having showcased.

not for you
Photo credits: @not_for_you_clothing


Fashion Week 2017 – Jordan Noah – Jordan Noah clothing

2017 Fashion Week was an amazing experience thanks to NZFT. To be showing my collection along-side other well known New Zealand Designers was a huge opportunity. Seeing your clothing on the runway is a truly unreal feeling as you have spent so much time and effort in producing garments that you are SO passionate about. 4

Having to create 7 more looks  to my diploma graduate collection all on my own,  made me realise how crucial my time and study at Fashion Tech was. I thankfully have retained a lot of what I learned and putting it back in to practice was an experience in its self!

The overall response to my collection at Fashion Week was extremely positive. This is what has allowed me to gain the confidence to get my name out there and to start my own womenswear clothing business.

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It has been just over 6 weeks creating made to order pieces from my collection and I can’t wait for what will bring in the future!1

Photo credits: @jordannoah_




2 thoughts on “NZ Fashion Week 2017

  1. Amazing creativity and passion you have Jordan! It must be the most exhilarating moments when you see your designs walking the stage. Your hard work has paid off. I wish you the very best for your future.

    I am starting my first week of L3 12/02/18. I hope my ideas will develop into something magical and win an opportunity to showcase my designs as well. It would be heaven!


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