5 trends we love this summer

We’ve not only been enjoying the sweltering rays that NZ summer has showered us with, but also the daring and desirable trends that have hit the pavements from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island. Here is our curated list of fashion loves we can’t get enough of this summer.


  1. High-cut Swimsuits

Throwing back to the 80’s – the high-cut swimsuit creates a flattering look for all, accentuating curves and lengthening legs. Adorned by celebrities across the globe, the Baywatch classic has made a fierce come back. We are loving this Jane Fonda look, if you ask us, the bolder the high-cut, the better.


2. Cat-eye Sunnies

Photo: @karenwalker

The 1950’s called, and they are diggin’ the resurfaced trend of cat-eye sunglasses. Just the right amount of elegance with a bit of edginess has got us all loving the trend. Channel your inner Monroe with a pair of these beauties and go and conquer the world!


3. Transparency

We see you see-through, and we like. Visible underwear was once cringeworthy, but nowadays it’s embraced, all in the name of fashion. With different grades of transparency, you can choose how brave you are willing to go with this look. From a cute sheer crop or overcoat, to a transparent maxi over high waisted underwear, there’s a bit of this trend for everyone.


4. Bamboo Bags

Photo: Instagram/staceybanfield_

Ethical, environmentally friendly and pretty damn cute – this is a trend that certainly does NOT have us bamboozled. Bamboo bags are popping up in street style ensembles everywhere. Creating an eye-catching statement that is also the perfect size for all of your beach day essentials, we say it’s a match made in heaven.


5. Velvet Slides

Photo: Instagram/fifivenezia

Say hello to the slip-on, velvet slide. This addition to the mule family is a look we can definitely get on board with (after all, comfort is king). The style is constantly evolving, from Miu Miu’s plastic beach slide, to the abundance of different embellished options – velvet being one we are particularly fond of.


Banner image photo credit: @tomasalas


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