The best of Festival Fashion

Currently we’re in the midst of the festival season and New Zealand does a pretty good job at putting it on. With Homegrown, Splore and Auckland City Limits coming up, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some inspiration and adorn some of the season’s edgy looks. Below are our favourite picks of festival fashion for 2018.

The John Lennons


Image credit: @tylarosehunt

Most call them round-framed sunglasses, but we prefer John Lennons. Coloured tints are very in this season – our top picks are the bright blue or yellow hues. If bright and bold is not your style, the Ray Ban Round Metal Classic in gold has stolen everyone’s hearts – and for good reason, we love this look too!



Image credit: @vivianneflrs

Practical AND fashionable, what a combo. We all know how important it is to stay sun smart, especially when you’re in the sweltering heat ALL DAY, so what better way to keep your face shaded than with one of the best accessories for 2018 – the beloved fedora. We have all the heart eyes for both cane and wool textures. The neutral colours are our top vote, we’re talking a light tawny or deep walnut.

Bum Bags


Image credit: @olenagrin

It’s the return of the bum bag. Another practical-yet-fashionable look, see a theme? With lots of opportunity to personalise, you can match your look and store all of your necessities for the day. Let’s be honest, everyone needs some touch-up tools to keep on point from dusk ‘til dawn. We are seriously digging this retro style.

Summer Suits


Image credit: @iknowthisone

We’re not talking cut-offs from the traditional suit – we mean loud prints, busy patterns and matchy matchy from top to bottom. It’s bold, it’s brilliant and it’s definitely the ultimate summer statement. This is a style that has been rocked by males across the country, but we can see how females could equally #makeitwork, we ARE all about equality, after all.


Banner image credit: Austin Neill

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