The NZFT Fam: Niumea Nauleo-Rameka

We had a chat with one of our Manukau students studying a Certificate in Fashion Technology, Niumea Nauleo-Rameka about his passion for designing extravagant gowns.

Tell us a bit about Niumea Nauleo-Rameka?

I’ve been a designer for two years now, and have been learning about textiles for the past 3-4 years. I come from a family of artists, so was born into a creative environment. I’ve made over 30 designs over the years and love to create mood boards as a foundation for my designs.

What’s your design style?

I love to create costumes and both summer and evening gowns. I like to dress in drag and involve women in my designs, my goal is to make them feel happy about themselves. My style is bold and bright, using different elements together and accessorizing.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I find a lot of inspiration comes from my mother. She’s an artist herself so I’ve grown up with someone who is really creative, which has helped me to develop my own style. I love the use of colours and techniques that go into garment creation. The detailing in pattern design is what I really enjoy too.

Why did you choose NZ Fashion Tech?

I wanted to grow my skill and experience in pattern works and better my technique. I’m always interested in learning more advanced ways to create garments and I wanted to develop my ideas. I entered a gown I created into a fashion competition a couple of years ago that NZ Fashion Tech sponsored so had heard about what you offer, and I really liked the sound of it.

What do you love most about NZ Fashion Tech?

I love using the Industrial machines, they are a challenge that I really enjoy. I also love the family spirit at our Manukau Campus, I’ve made a bunch of really great friends here.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

My goal is to create my own pageant-style clothing label and take it to the world. Working with new and unique fabrics would be amazing, and adding more detail and glamour to my designs.


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