The NZFT Fam: Renuka Kumar

One of our students, Renuka Kumar is currently studying a Certificate in Pattern Design and has been asked to attend the Fiji Fashion Festival this year (cue the applause). The festival showcases emerging Fijian designers and their collections of 12 looks! Yes you read correctly, TWELVE! If this wasn’t a big enough feat, each of these looks is made into 10 different pieces and sizes, to then be offered at an exclusive market day, after the show.

We sat down to have a chat through Renuka’s take on fashion and her schedule leading up to one of Fiji’s biggest fashion shows.

When did your interest in fashion start?

I became interested in making clothes right from when I was little. My mother was a seamstress so I would sketch designs that she would then make, and I would hand stitch sequins and things on to add something different.

What do you love about fashion?

I see fashion as something to satisfy a person. Someone might say “I want to accentuate this, but hide that” and I can create something they feel confident in.

Why did you choose NZ Fashion Tech?

I looked at a lot of places before choosing NZ Fashion Tech, but the major reason I applied here was because I heard a lot of good things, and it’s so hands on. The focus on practical skills that translate into day-to-day techniques is great.

Which part of the training do you enjoy the most?

I’ve loved both programmes equally. My first year really helped to improve the quality of my work and that was reflected in feedback from my customers. The second year, which I’m currently in, has given me the skills to create flattering garments for different body shapes.

What’s your label name and design style for the Fiji Fashion Festival?

My label name is Retima House and the collection will focus on resort wear. I’m creating lightweight, flowing garments that can be worn over bikinis at the beach and are comfortable to lounge around in.

We can’t wait to see what you showcase at the Fiji Fashion Festival, Renuka! All the good vibes for you!


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