The Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion Series

Welcome to our Colour of Fashion Series. Here, we’ll be sharing some of the stunning garments our Diploma students have created as part of our collaboration with Resene.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this collaboration before, we take part in one of the most exciting projects in the New Zealand fashion industry, the Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion. Using the latest colour trends from Resene, our students are given the opportunity to design and craft contemporary looks made from especially dyed silk. A select number of garments then open the Resene Designer Runway at New Zealand Fashion Week.

If you’re as excited as we are about this powerful combo, scroll down to see some of the looks that are perfect embodiments of fashun. Each piece has its own unique inspiration and artistic rationale, so sit back, relax and prepare to be blown away by the talent that is our students’ creations.

Coming in hot and firey, we have Terry Kruse’s take on a Sunrise in Toyko. He wanted to create a garment “echoing the feeling of wrapping yourself in the warm rays of the sun, contrasted against the constriction of cities.”  Terry used Resene Sunrise for his look.


Flowy and fascinating, our girl Claudia Osner masters the perfect pleat in her look, Earthling. Using Resene Dell, she was inspired by the name itself, meaning a valley among trees. “The very essence inside all of us is growth and we must surrender to it and let it flow through us, moving us along. Resene Dell is a symbol of lushness and abundance.”


Bold and fashion-forward, Nooroa Taulagaua’s look, Eve, showcases inspiration “drawn from a tufted couch, the colour Resene Bingo and society’s obsession with wanting to be the same.” Fashion for her muse had “no limits, no expectations.” The colour represents feeling “most creative and stimulated when laying on a trusty, green tufted couch.”


Phibae Sein creates a fusion of manipulations in her look, Madison, named eponymously after her colour, Resene Madison. “She sees Paris and stands not like a queen but like a beautiful strong independent woman. She’s wild and free.”

“What really inspired me when I went to France earlier this year was the Palace of Versailles.”


It’s all in the details in Makyla Ata’s red dress, representing “a symbol of growth through experience. I believe throughout life the more opportunities you throw yourself into, the more confidence you develop to be yourself. Resene Bullseye is a gorgeous crimson red which instantly demanded my attention. When I look at it I feel an allure and a sense of mystery.”


Amber Sterritt uses bold shapes and geometric lines to create a striking look. Her inspiration comes from Times Square. “A bright green glowing sign ignites passion and the inspiration of a boundary pushing colour that demands attention”

“Resene Impromptu is extremely bright and alert therefore I wanted a bold design that was out of the ordinary to really accentuate how stimulating my colour is.”


Jordan Grant found inspiration from the scent of the Hopbush flower from passers-by in Toyko city. She was drawn to “a lingering fragrance with the power to seduce.” Her intricately designed top represents textures similar to a crushed flower, using the colour Resene Hopbush.


So there you have it, a snapshot of some killer looks curated by our talent-filled students. Keep an eye out on our blog to see as we release more designs, each with their own story to tell, and all impressing us with flare and quality features.


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