Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion Series 2

We’re back with another treasure trove of fashion looks bound to make you as impressed as ever. Colour, fun and creativity collide in this dynamic and awe-inspiring group. The focus on fabric manipulations create bold and daring looks with dramatic effect. Scroll through these 2018 Colour of Fashion designs with accompanying inspiration rationales and get your #vogue on.


Regal elegance embodies Tessa Gould’s look, using the colour Resene Violent Violet. With inspiration drawn from “the background and history of this specific shade of purple, being linked back to Roman royalty in the 1500’s BC.”

“The dye came from the Murex shellfish which lives in the Mediterranean Sea…I was inspired to create flounces on the bodice of my dress as it represents the waves.”


Female empowerment is a strong theme in Nisi Sumuletu’s playful piece, Femmes. She incorporates inspiration from her colour, Resene Scrumptious, in her rationale as a “bright bold colour [that] would remind [women] of their strengths. They could aspire to be the greatest versions of themselves.”


Amira El Orfi’s look, Master of Shapes, fuses geometric designs and Persian art together to create a sleek and exotic style using Resene Maestro. “I want to portray the history of Persian art with ideas and inspiration stemming from the Persian tiles dating back to the 14th century while also captivating the ever changing fashions of this century.”


Inspired by African Goddess, Oshun, Anastasia Leuluai created a piece that evokes feelings of strength and independence. Using the colour, Resene Palm Green, Anastasia “wanted to capture Oshun’s character…She’s known for having a very flirtatious, light-hearted temperament, yet can [also] be heart broken, dark and revengeful.”


Stacey Mumford finds the balance between femininity and edginess in her look, Pretty in Punk using Resene Violent Violet. When thinking about the colour, Stacey says “the name sounds punk but still feminine. Due to this I became inspired by the embellishments used in punk culture.”


Resene Captain Cook was used in this gracefully ruffled and frilled number, designed and curated by Taryn Swartz. The colour provided much of the inspiration behind this piece. “The colour, Resene Captain Cook, reminds me of gushing waves on the rocks. It takes me back to summers spent on the beach with my family and friends.”


Pleated panels are the striking feature of Brittany McVeigh’s look, using the colour, Resene Bingo. Brittany found inspiration from “nature and being outside in the garden. While researching nature and gardens I came across structure and sharp lines… I’ve taken the textures from nature’s garden to compliment the colour and enhance my designs features.”


Can’t wait to see more? Keep your eyes peeled as we publish more looks and inspiration.



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