Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion Series 3

Coming to you for our third round of the Colour of Fashion series, we have contemporary, on-trend designs that push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Splashes of colour and intensity contrast beautifully with elegance and class to create a selection of striking garments. Scroll through this round of up-and-coming fashion designers and take a look at the impressive stories behind each unique piece.

Mia Williams captures the bustling city of New York creatively in her fearless, one-off look, Bonkers. Mia was inspired by Madison Square Garden, specifically “the architecture, street fashion and art. I was also heavily inspired by my colour, Resene Madison, as it reminded me of a dreamy denim blue.”


The plunging back on Carol Hingano’s look, Uncaged, creates a graceful standout feature. The effortlessly flowing piece illustrated themes of being set free from constraints. The colour Resene Paradise reminded Carol of a perfect storm, she says “My Idea of Paradise is being amongst it all, the rain, the storm and the creations of awe.”


Michael Mells tastefully represents the 70s in his flare design. He took inspiration from the movie Saturday Night Fever and spring to create a unique and striking silhouette, using Resene Spring Fever. “The colour is vibrant and electrifying. I wanted my design of the jumpsuit with petal-like detail to be simplistic and minimalist but also to be extravagant and artistic, ready for the runway.”


Cheyenne Ford created an intriguing and sophisticated look using the colour Resene Galliano, called Soft Bite. Cheyenne found inspiration from floral designs, the female form and Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill. “I was especially drawn to the daffodil… and the strength and beauty all women hold… The woman who wears this is someone who kicks ass for a good cause.”


Divine Condratov’s alluring take on the modern jumpsuit is combined with inspiration from the Art Nouveau era and femininity.  “I designed a jumpsuit with a long overlay on the waist to show flow and to give both a feminine touch and a graceful movement when walking [down] the catwalk.”


Louisa Gibson creates a fierce and daring number, called Water Always Wins. “My design, using Resene Captain Cook, shows the journey of water through its various structures, ice, water and gas. The jacket represents water and all the freedom and movement it has. The trousers represent the solidness and structure of ice, playing on how it looks as it breaks apart as it melts.”


Nia Kelly used important women in her life as the main inspiration for her chic piece, Adventurer. “My mood board is influenced by my colour, Resene Daredevil, which means ‘man without fear’… I admired how bright, bold, confident and beautiful the colour was which seemed to be a very accurate reflection of how the women in my life are.”


Our next round is coming soon, stay tuned!



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