India – Week two

One of the main things that really caught my attention when travelling around India was seeing how beautiful, colorful and bright the streets and buildings are. This gives India such character and really compliments all the women wearing their beautiful, bright Sarees.  It’s super breathtaking coming from Wellington, where everything is so black and white and the buildings are quite simple.  Long rides on the bus are so bearable as you just look out the window and see how lively India is. It’s super refreshing and colour just makes you feel super happy in general. The streets here are so alive.



Looking out the window and just casually driving passed some amazing temples. We’ve seen quite a few which are just amongst the streets or sometimes just on an empty road. What an incredible and beautiful view. Everyone just grabs their phones out and tries to take a decent photo whilst the bus is moving.


Window 2.png

Driving on the bus is always a crazy experience, there is always something happening and to look at out the window. From shops, streets, signs and the people. I love getting friendly waves and smiles from the locals and even the cute kids. We’ve been getting a lot of turning heads as everyone is intrigued by us.


We went to Brooke Field shopping mall on our rest day (Sunday) It was 5 stories with a wide range of shops. Us girls went crazy over the earrings. The jewellery over here is honestly so stunning and you can’t get any of these styles over in NZ. The clothes shopping was just how we expected it to be with so many beautiful bright colours. They had beautiful, flowy dresses, a lot were 100% cotton which is good for the heat over here. Everyone loved their shopping experience. Even the shop keepers enjoyed serving us and always asked where we were from.



Breakfast: The white bread-like food is called Idli. It is a savory rice cake which is a light dish and is easy to digest. It is highly nutritious with rich protein, vitamin and carbohydrates. The orange food is called Kesari Tamil which is sweet. I tend to just grab a bit of everything and mix is all together. The combination of sweet and savory actually tastes really good together.

Food 1.png

Lunch: Appalam is thin and crispy and is served as an accompaniment to a meal. The curry was a Chick Pea curry, you can either add a pickled chili sauce to your meal to spice it up a bit. I loved the salads added to the side. It was super refreshing and nutritious.


Dinner: A delicious Biryani rice is very popular over here. Served with a nice soup which is good for your digestive system. The chef sometimes cooks a western-like dinners for us, serving some french fries and a pasta salad with mayonnaise which everyone goes crazy for.


First ever outing of lunch at a restaurant. 

Experiencing eating off banana leaves and using our hands and eating meat for the first time in India (which we all went crazy for). This was very interesting and they gave us a lot of side bowls with heaps of different flavours to add on.



We celebrated Amira’s 22nd birthday over here. The lovely staff bought her a sponge style cake which we all shared. The cake was a very interesting flavor that you can’t really get in NZ.



Words and pictures by Jo Shierlaw


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