Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion Series 4

Round 4 of talent is now live and ready for you. These fashion moments are bold, trend-setting works of art that combine creativity with style and vivacity. Successfully delivering impressive designs and production techniques, the below looks nail the fashion game. BONUS: each look is accompanied by a bit of an insight into the creative process of our students so you can see what inspired each piece.

Elisabeth Clink redefines thinking outside of the box in her electrifying ensemble, Enfant Terrible. Using the colour Resene Pukeko, Elisabeth was inspired by the bird itself. “Known for reckless dashes across New Zealand roads, Pukeko are noisy, highly territorial, sexually fluid characters and seen from a car window, their plumage contrasts boldly with their swampy, gritty roadside habitats.”


Striking and bold, Jessy Lewis creates a demanding outfit, Illume, with inspiration drawn from strong women throughout history. “It made me think about all of the women that have struggled and fought for their emancipation and power, and especially how this translated to the world of fashion. “Power suits” came to mind, a term created in the 80’s for women wanting to be taken seriously.”


Harmony Paea challenges the constraints of the traditional in her alluring design, A la mode chic. She says “I wanted to make a dress that fascinates people with shape and structure. Something that demands attention… I imagine that it is autumn and there are lots of leaves all around falling to the ground.”


Sleek, sophisticated and very on-trend, Hannah Dare’s contemporary look, Lulu, is a stunning runway-ready design using Resene Hopbush. “I wanted to design a garment that reflects traditional culture and modern day female power… I have made the silhouette of these garments show off the main points of a woman’s body – the waist, back and chest, to focus on the parts of a woman that many cultures believe are sacred and powerful.”


Isabelle Young was drawn to the sky after seeing her colour, Resene Blue Moon. This elegantly flowing dress is also inspired by Mary Poppins. “She links to the ‘Blue Moon’ idea because it’s rare for a special, beautiful nanny like her to come flying in from the sky … She has the powerful element of surprises, bringing fantasies and dreams to life.”


Liam Keaney’s design, Patron, epitomises class in his take on the medieval period. “Combining both Resene Dell and the thought of a valley really enforced my idea of the renaissance period, picturing a valley with a village from that era and also some of the amazing landscape paintings that came from that time.”


Ruffles, gathers and pleats polish this flattering and contemporary look, In The Night by Julie Mills. She was drawn to the calmness and relaxed, stress-free feeling of her colour, Resene Blue Moon. “[The colour] makes me think of the feeling of being freshly cleansed after a good night’s sleep.”


We have one more round of designs to show you, so keep an eye out for the last post of the series.




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