India – Week 3

We are now at the halfway mark. This week has been such a fun week. We were able to create things with our hands. On Monday we had an embroidery session. We were taught how create different stitches and see what we create with embroidery.

On Tuesday we had a field trip to a garment manufacturing plant were we learnt so much about the process of making clothing. Wednesday was painting day. We learnt how to glass paint. We painted the back of glass and then when we flipped it the paints showed up beautifully. We also created textured artwork. This was called plasters of paradise. We used putty to create different textures and patterns around clay Gods and Goddesses. After it dried we painted them black then used copper, silver and gold to decorate them.


Thursday we learnt how to paint with coffee. Using different coffee amounts and types, we were able to create different shades. We also made our own silk thread jewellery.


Friday and Saturday we went to visit 3 different temples. We left the campus at 8am and the trip to Tanjore took us 7 hours, stopping for a factory visit and the Rockfelt temple on the way. Rockfelt temple sat on a rock hill and we were able to get a 360 view of India. It was so cool to see how much colour there was. We stayed at an apartment for the night and Saturday morning we visited Brihadisvara temple. When we were leaving to travel back to the campus we also stopped at Sri Ranganathaswamy temple. This one was filled with colour.


We are lucky enough to be able to eat out at different restaurants when we go on day trips. Most places we visit have food that we recognise e.g pasta and French fries. Having foods like this make us feel at home. The chefs at the campus always have new foods for us to try. They have such a great selection and there’s something for everyone. The people of India are really nice too. They always want to know where we are from and always want selfies. The people of India are very hard working and gives us all motivation to work just as hard as them.


Words and pictures by Kelly Spence



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