Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion Series 5

The last of our Colour of Fashion style file is here. These looks by our budding designers redefine couture and epitomise creativity. We are glad to present this round of anything-but ho-hum combinations that inject life and energy into fashion, with techniques that are simply downright impressive. Take a look at the grand finale of game-changing pieces below.

Jo Shierlaw brings a trendy treat to the proverbial table with her show-stopping, boundary-pushing design, Green With Envy, made using the colour Resene Impromptu. “One thing that caught my attention was the elegance and the beautiful flow of the drape in the fabric. This led me to finding inspiration from the Roman era and the way women wore their “Stola” dresses that draped beautifully around the female figure, creating an elegant silhouette.”


The New York skyline was Kate Durkin’s main inspiration for her playful geometric design, Obtuse using Resene Maestro. “I noticed many triangular and curved shapes in the iconic architecture of New York, such as the Chrysler building. The Chrysler building is a distinguished figure in the New York skyline, it is the maestro of the city.”


Resene Bullseye plays centre stage in Caitlin Griffin’s elegantly textured jumpsuit inspired by concentric circles. “The name Resene Bullseye inspired me to look into bullseyes and the meaning of them which led me to the solar system which is also a concentric circle. I delved deeper into shapes and looked at geometric shapes such as the golden ratio. Therefore my mood was influenced very strongly by shapes in nature and in space.”


Flattering lines define Kelly Spence’s look, Flashback, a modern staple that could be added to any girl’s wardrobe. Using Resene Pukeko, Kelly was inspired by the high fashion of the 60’s. “A fashion designer I liked in the 60’s was Dame Mary Quant. I have made a little dedication to Mary on my pocket flaps and collar. The flowers represent her label with her iconic daisy logo.”


Tane Raukete uses Resene Spring Fever to create a masterpiece of sophistication in his look, God’des. He drew inspiration from Spring and the “radiant colour of nature.” Tane wanted to incorporate a flowing element in the train to suit any evening event and so the garment could gracefully move down the runway.


A unique design stylish enough to pique anyone’s interest, Israel Roe creates a dramatic two-piece look using Resene Paradise. “I have enjoyed the idea throughout this journey that folds and ruffles could create a 2D fabric to be 3D. As with the folds of my fabric created different shades and shapes it made me think of Fungi. The powerful colours and intricate designs instantly inspired me to recreate these complex and sophisticated shapes with the fabric I was given.”


That concludes our Colour of Fashion Series for 2018. We have delivered five rounds of looks that absolutely shine by unleashing creativity and design flare. Each one of our Diploma students has responded to their briefs in different ways, all capturing unique inspiration. Each one of these pieces are fashion-forward works of art that have raised the bar of this competition yet again. We can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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