India – Week 4

We have now hit the one month mark in India and honestly it has just been jam-packed with all sorts of amazing and exciting visits.


In the beginning of week 4 we visited a lace and embroidery manufacturing unit. First we looked in a room filled with lace and embroided sample garments and books of lace trims. It was nice to see the fabric turned into finished garments. We then moved into the fabric construction room where we got to see how the embroidered fabric was made. Something I found interesting was that after the fabric had been constructed the whole roll had to be checked, if there are any imperfections such as one loose thread it had to be fixed by hand.


Fast forwarding to Thursday we were lucky enough to visit the snake lab in the bio technology block at BIT. This had to be a massive highlight for me as I had been looking forward to this. A few of us even had a chance to hold a rat snake. I was skeptical at first but as soon as I got a hold of him/her I was thrilled. We were able to see many kinds of snakes including cobras, vipers, tree snakes and the brahminy blind snake. We also got a quick look at a scorpion and a pregnant lizard.


Lastly on Friday we went to a terracotta jewellery making workshop on campus, taught by some really talented ladies. To start off we were given a block of terracotta clay made from sand and a wide variety of moulds to choose from. Once we had chosen our moulds, we rolled and flattened the clay (making sure it was thick so the clay doesn’t break when it’s dry.) We then put the clay into the mould to imprint the design on the clay. Once carefully peeled out of the mould and nicely trimmed to shape, we then waited for it to dry for approximately 2 hours. After it was fully dried we got to paint the pendants/earrings any colour we desired. We then added the finishing touches, e.g: necklace wire/earring hooks and it was complete!


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in India, going on trips, doing workshops and just soaking up the culture! I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks are going to bring.


Words and pictures by Mia Williams


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