India – Week 5

This week has been a busy one from going to Mysore, to starting our resene garments. On Monday we visited the spiritual training centre in Aliyar, simplified Kundalini Yoga foundation courses that help you to understand spirituality through the lens of science. it was such a peaceful environment with very green scenery, surrounded by forests and mountains. We had a tour around the site and it was so entertaining for us as we saw monkeys,  forest squirrels and kittens along the way.


We had the opportunity to see a gallery of Maharishi the developer of the Transcendental Meditation technique as well as some of his personal items. They kindly offered us lunch: white rice, beetroot poriyal (beetroot boiled and fried), sambar (stew vegetable), milk butter, papad and pickled gooseberry and we all ate the food with our hands.



After our lunch we visited Aliyar dam, it was so green, the breeze and the sound water was so refreshing compared to the climate and the busy roads that we’re used to.


On Tuesday 24th July, we started our day early for an overnight stay at Mysore. Mysore is the third most popular city in India and second single largest city in the state of Karnataka, India. Our first stop was at sericulture research and training institute (silk production). We were talked through the process of mechanization in sericulture and what equipment is used in the process.


Next stop was Mysore palace; a historical palace situated in heart of Mysore city. The interior of Mysore Palace is richly carved, intricate, colourful and architecturally thrilling. “This visit is my favourite because I fancy ancient architecture and details so it was fulfilling for me as a fashion student.” – Phibae


Afterwards, we visited Tipu sultan’s tomb, who was the ruler of the kingdom of Mysore 200 years ago.



One of the the biggest highlights of this week was the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens. Established in 1892 the zoo is a 157-acre piece of land located near the Mysore palace. It is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in India, and is home to a 168 different types of species. “While there my favourite animal to see was the mighty elephant.” – Michael

Currently home to ten elephants both Indian and African, the zoo has more elephants than any other in India. Some other favourites were the green anacondas, giraffes, zebras, lions, tigers, white rhinoceroses, and baboons.



Another place we visited while in Mysore was the Sri chamundeshwari temple. About 13km away from Mysore. It is a Hindi temple the top of the hill dedicated to Shakti. She mostly manifests the female embodiment and creativity/fertility. She is also known as the slayer of demons.



And finally, we visited Brindavan garden which had water fountains everywhere. We haven’t seen much grass in India, so coming from NZ we really enjoyed being on the grass and doing cartwheels until we were tired. Later on that night we watched the neon lights musical fountain show.


Words and pictures by Phibae Sein and Michael Mells


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