NZFT Grads: Jerome Taylor

A label at the top of our talent-to-follow list is Not For You. The up and coming star behind the menswear brand is Jerome Taylor, a 27 year-old Wellingtonian who started from humble beginnings. After graduating from NZ Fashion Tech he was selected to show capsule collections in 2016 & 2017 at New Zealand Fashion Week and also showcased his work in Project Fashion Wellington.

Earlier this year he was selected to show at Vancouver Fashion Week where he received international recognition. Vogue China has described his look as “stylish” “unique” and “full of attitude”, and celebrities such as Miss J Alexander have donned his pieces.

Next week he’ll be impressing the fashion industry with his very own show at NZ Fashion Week. With an estimated 300 people attending, it’s shaping up to be an epic show. We recently caught up Jerome to chat through his take of fashion, scroll down to read our full interview with the man himself.


When did your interest in fashion start?

My interest in fashion came from my love of art, in particular graffiti. If you asked me at high school what I wanted to be, never would I have said a fashion designer. Getting into fashion was a progression from my artwork.


What do you love most about what you do?

I love that I have found something that I am good at, that I can do everyday. I have this amazing platform in which I can share with the world but with this I can also empower others and hopefully push anyone to see that if you back yourself you can do anything.


How did you get into the fashion industry?

I studied with NZ Fashion Tech from 2013-2015 and from here I took advantage of every opportunity. My first show outside of studying was at New Zealand Fashion Week 2016, I was then a part of Project Fashion Wellington early 2017, New Zealand Fashion Week for the second time late 2017. Lastly, I showcased in my first international show in Vancouver. I have seized every opportunity and don’t intend to stop!


Why did you choose NZ Fashion Tech? What did you enjoy most about the courses?

I chose NZ Fashion Tech as it was the most hands on with the most practical skills on offer. I wanted to learn the design process from start to finish. I researched multiple courses however NZ Fashion Tech had everything I needed to become a successful designer where I can be a part of the whole process.


What was your favorite work experience at NZ Fashion Tech?

My favourite work experience was Hills Hats as I learnt so much about the whole process of hat making. I also thought it was really cool that the process has remained the same for the past 40+ years.

Tell us about your experience in the Resene NZ Fashion Tech Colour of Fashion competition?

I enjoyed my experience with Resene. I liked the new challenge of working with silk and the new challenges I faced with the fine details of the garments we had to create.



How would you describe your own personal style?

Street wear with a grunge feel, I love oversized tees however I also love a tailored coat with boots such as Doc Martens.

Who are your favourite style icons?

Kanye West, Shia Labeouf and Jerry Lorenzo.


What do you put your success down to?

Persistence and you have to back yourself, if you believe you can do it then nothing can get in your way.


Images: Supplied



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