NZFT Fam: Annmarie Williams

Annmarie Williams is a current NZ Fashion Tech student in her second year of study, ready to take on the world of fashion. She’s never been one to go with the crowd and knew from a young age she wanted to dress in a way that gave her a unique identity. “Fashion for me is an attitude which I always had as a kid, I was always interested in dressing my own way not like the other kids I never understood that but I didn’t care.”

Having the goal to advance herself as a designer and after having a discussion with a friend about her career aspirations, Annmarie was recommended to come and study at NZ Fashion Tech. Although she admits it can be challenging, she says every day is different and she now has opportunities knocking at her door.

Her biggest fashion career highlight so far, has been getting selected to showcase a collection at the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show (PFFS), “For me it was a goal this year to do something out of my comfort zone and follow through. Me and my partner Tom put together a presentation to pitch to the PFFS designer call out. We got through to showcase and its exciting. The team is great and very supportive. The show is a huge success and it’s a great way for new designers to experience and share their vision. The PFFS platform is an opportunity of a life time and offers a world stage for NZ and pacific designers to step out. I am so proud to be a part of the movement. New Zealand has so much culture and creativity, it’s just the beginning.”

Having never been a fan of following specific brands, Annmarie says she prefers to look at the individual quality of the garment, but that doesn’t extend to style icons of which she has a few favourites. “Men are starting to express and develop style we haven’t seen before and it’s awesome, Virgil Abloh is killing it, he would have to be a wild card style icon for me, also Rihanna, she’s badass and a tomboy but she can put on heels and look bomb, she’s got attitude to pull off anything, I like that!”

Annmarie sees fashion as an attitude and finds inspiration from the way others portray it, “people inspire me, they can be someone close or a complete stranger. I love people-watching and seeing people owning who they are, the way they walk, what they wear and how they wear it. You can’t edit what you see, it’s a moment when they walk by and then they disappear. It’s the best fashion show.”

The down-to-earth mother of two has said juggling her twins and full-time study is full-on but she loves it. “I love my life right now, it’s very busy and fast paced but I love the drama of it all.”

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