NZFT Grads: Jerome Taylor at Harbin Fashion Week

Since graduating from NZ Fashion Tech in 2015, Jerome Taylor has seized every opportunity possible and has developed an impressive portfolio. Having shown at New Zealand Fashion Week for the past three years in a row, debuting at Vancouver Fashion Week last year and showcasing at Harbin Fashion Week earlier this year, it’s clear to see that Taylor is serious about taking his brand, Not For You, to new heights.

Taylor says studying at NZ Fashion Tech was his way of getting into the fashion industry. After researching multiple different courses, he decided on NZ Fashion Tech. “I chose NZ Fashion Tech as it was the most hands-on with the most practical skills on offer. I wanted to learn the design process from start to finish and they had everything I needed to become a successful designer where I can be a part of the whole process.”


Taylor’s training combined with persistence and hard work have led him to an incredible opportunity of being a part of Harbin Fashion Week, something that has never been offered to a New Zealand designer before. He was asked as part of the opening show to design an exclusive red garment which was then displayed and auctioned off.


Taylor says “Our red garment was inspired by the Chinese culture with the influence of Not For You. We wanted to create a garment that had more art incorporated, so we added patches and hand painting.” His full collection for Harbin Fashion Week was inspired by celebration, “we wanted to celebrate how far the label had progressed since it started only 3 years ago… and I wanted to communicate this through the use of bright colours which I had never used before.”


Looking to the future, the streetwear icon has exciting plans on the horizon and without giving too much away, he does admit that he’ll be opening a new workshop, which is one step closer to his ultimate goal of “becoming New Zealand’s greatest fashion designer.”


The passion is clear when speaking with Taylor who says “I love that I have found something I am good at that I can do every day. I have this amazing platform where I can share my art and ideas with the world and empower others to see that if you back yourself you can do anything.” An inspiration to aspiring fashion designers, the NZ Fashion Tech graduate has a refreshing positivity that he adds to the fashion industry and there’s no stopping his upward trajectory.

Images: Supplied

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